At Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding (LEK) you can fly with kiteboarding gear from Best Kiteboarding, Mystic, Axon Kiteboards, and Starkites.  Choose from a wide variety of models, styles, and sizes.  If you love the gear you try you can also buy it from the LEK kite shop in Cabarete!

LEK Rental Prices

Brand: BEST Kiteboarding 
Product: Kahoona 
Features: GREAT kite to learn on-  the Kahoona is what we use in our kiteboarding lessons, it's Delta shape makes it very stable when flying, and re-launching is a breeze.

Brand: BEST kiteboarding
Product: TS

Features: Intermediate-Advanced to expert riders kite covering all kiteboardiing riding styles.

Brand: BEST kiteboarding
Product: Cabo

Features: This dedicated waveriding kiteboarding kite makes kitesurfing the waves easy.

Brand: BEST
Product: Armada
Features: You will LOVE this board.  Smooth and snappy!

Brand: BEST
Product: Spark Plug
Features: User friendly and fun - a great board for Cabarete Bay's kiteboarding conditions.

Brands: BEST and Axon
Product: Surfboard
Features: Test out riding a surfboard for the first time (it's easier AND more fun than you imagine!) or just avoid bringing yours and paying the high airline surfboard fees.

Brand: LiteWave Kiteboarding
Product: Impact Vest Harness
Features: provides protection against crashes; flotation when re-launching or getting up on the board.

Brand: BEST Kiteboarding
Product: Waist Harness
Features: Allows more movement in the lower body for move like jumping, tricks, and riding waves.

Brand: BEST Kiteboarding
Product: Seat Harness 
Features: Sit comfortably and prevent the harness from riding up - students at LEK kiteboarding school will begin with a seat harness when learning kiting in Cabarete.

Brands: Nutcase 
Product: Helmets

Features: Head protection is a good thing.  Much like skiing/snowboarding or cycling - kiteboarding is quickly moving towards widespread helmet usage.

Brand: BEST
Product: Trainer Kite
Features: Before your lessons we highly recommend trainer kite flying.  Ask us about buying one before you arrive - it's the best way to prepare.  Or you can rent a trainer kite in Cabarete...

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