You can learn kiting!  Yes YOU!

No matter your current fitness level (and you don't need upper body strength) we specialize in transforming YOU into a kitesurfer.

How it works

Lessons are tailored to suit your individual goals and abilities. Have previous experience? - We build on what you already know. Brand new to the sport? - We take you though step-by-step in a safe, fun and easy manner.  Lessons INCLUDE all equipment and your awesome LEK coach.

How much will it cost?

$71 USD per hour is the starting rate.  Take 10 hours and the hourly rate is only $63 USD per hour.

You don't need to decide right now how many hours to take, we take it day by day to see your progression and the hourly rate is assigned at the end of your visit once you've accumulated all your hours and discounts.

Private lessons are recommended unless you have someone or a few people you really want to learn with.

Remember - the lessons include the gear!

We bill differently to save you money

We are precise: only charging for the time you spend with your coach and equipment. We bill to 5 minute increments.  If you spend 1 hour and 40 minutes then we only bill you for that.

Reserve Your Kite Lesson Right Now!

Pre-book today and you will get scheduling priority. You can reserve your awesome LEK coach by making a fully refundable deposit, which will give you scheduling priority over walk-ins. Once that's done we will confirm your reservation and then we will all do a big Wind Dance and pray for wind for your visit to Dominican Republic....Thank you for choosing LEK, we can't wait to get you stoked on kiting.

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What we teach

You will learn in a simple, safe, and fun way with the awesome LEK instructors. All learning is hands-on - you learn by doing.

Set Up, Safety and Kite Flying
  • Pump the kite and attach the lines, equipment on  
  • Safety Actions (LET GO, EJECT, LEASH)
  • Steering properly
  • Safe launching 
  • Kite Flying!  

Body Surfing - Get Wet!                                                    
  • One-handed kite control
  • Downwind body surfing
  • Upwind one-handed body surfing  
  • Water Re-launching

The Board
  • Handling the board in the water 
  • Board Recovery
  • Getting the board on your feet  
  • Standing up for the first time (Water Start)
  • Riding

  • Short Lines - learn kite flying without much risk of the kite flying YOU
  • Learn Prevention - choosing the right day, place, & gear
  • Safety skills like EJECT/Kite Recovery and Self Rescue
  • Safety equipment - helmet and life vest
  • Cabarete Bay - no dangerous sea creatures nor obstacles in the warm blue water.

There's MORE!

Advanced Lessons: Take it to the next level!  Jumping, Tricks, Surfing Waves

Kiteboarding for Kids: Our LEK instructors have been specially trained to teach kids as young as 8 years old

Women Specific Lessons: A female owned company and home of KB4girls Cabarete - we love getting more women into the sport!

Refresher: Been a while?  We can get you back up to speed quickly and safely, growing your confidence & skills

Yacht Crew: We understand the special lifestyle and cater to YOU!

Lessons + Gear: Our team of specialists work hard to match you with the right gear for you and for your kiting goals

Testimonials from our LEK students via Trip Advisor

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 27, 2013

The location is perfect, the equipment in great condition, but best of all, Laurel and her staff are the friendliest instructors on Earth.

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 22, 2013

The people at LEK are pleasant and knowledgeable, but so are the staff at most kite schools in Cabarete. The difference is that the people at LEK get stuff DONE. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting your valuable vacation hours while the staff tries to get their act together. LEK staff from Laurel herself to the guys helping with...

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 16, 2013

I was a beginner kiteboarder with some experience 2-3 years ago. After training with a great instructor, LEK school sold me some inexpensive, used gear that I could use and not have to rent. I appreciate that they stick to one type of kite, so that I could both get used to the feel of this kite and now own the same kite. They were very practical and fair in their pricing, and helpful throughout the entire week. I will be returning soon as I'm sure there are very few places in the world with such consistent wind and great service!