Name: Laurel
Nationality: American
Sponsors: BEST Kiteboarding, Seaspecs, Surf Chick
Real Job: Professional Kiteboarder
Hobbies: Yoga, travel, snowkiting, enjoying nature
Words of Wisdom: Always look on the bright side of life...
Contact Info: laurel (at) laureleastman (dotcom)

Name: Peter Pan
Nationality: Mexican-Dominican
Sponsors: Laurel
Real Job: security and charming people at the kiteboarding school
Hobbies: snuggling, barking at the shorebreak, generally being very very good looking
Words of Wisdom: just because you are small doesn't mean you can not be the Alpha Dog!
Contact Info: peterpan (at) laureleastman (dotom)

Name: Pete
Nationality: American
Sponsors: Peter Pan
Real Job: CFO
Hobbies: skiing in the backcountry, mountain biking, backpacking, travel, helping people