Yes we know it sounds funny, but at times there is more to life than kiteboarding!!!

Encuentro Beach, 5 km downwind of Cabarete Bay, is one of the Dominican Republic's premier surfing beaches. Home to the Master of the Ocean wave-sports triathlon, this beach is great for both beginners and expert surfers. Transportation, lessons and board rental are available from our surf school partner, just ask the LEK team for more details.  Surfing is a great way to start the day, and an excellent compliment to your kiteboarding!

This is the perfect cross-training for kiteboarding, and the Yasica River 10 km upwind of Cabarete Bay is one of the best places in the world for wakeboarding. Water like glass: for those wakeboarders out there it is a real treat! And if you are learning how to water-start with your kiteboard, training with wakeboarding is the ideal activity get you ready for this exciting moment in your kiteboarding career.

Cabarete is a town built for windsurfing, and no wonder why, the conditions are excellent! Advanced sailors will love playing on the waves in the reef and the calm waters in the heart of Cabarete are an excellent location to give this sport a try on a light wind morning. Their are a few great schools and all have lessons and rentals.  We recommend checking them all out when you arrive and deciding which one to train with when you are here.

Ocean Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Check out the reef on a calm morning or play in the waves. Kayaking is a great way to explore the coastline and hang out with the local sea turtles and birds.  At LEK we have kayaks and SUP boards for rent.

Horseback Riding
On the beach or in the National Park, the horseback riding in and around Cabarete is pretty awesome!

Excitement and adventure! Rappel down waterfalls, plunge into fresh water pools, whack through the bush, this is a perfect trip for the wild at heart.  It's a really good work out, and the best news is that you will be back in Cabarete in the afternoon, with plenty of time left in the day for kitesurfing.

For the serious athletes there is an amazing Spinning Studio right inside Cabarete where you can get a fantastic cardio work out.  There is a gym right across the street as well, get your sweat on while pumping iron!

We are very lucky to have some great Yoga in Cabarete....stay tuned for great things to come at the Millennium Spa when it opens in December 2011, and until then ask the LEK team where the best yoga is during your Cabarete kiteboarding holiday.

That's right, good old RELAXATION! Let your body and mind have a break, lay in the hammock, sleep in the sun in the garden, get a massage, read a magazine, BREATHE and enjoy paradise!